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Nauru’s Deep Blue

In the middle of the central pacific, right next to the equator is Nauru Island, isolated and alone in the vast deep blue of the central Pacific Ocean. The deep blue is just 2 minutes out on your boat from the harbor and you can expect to lure in that big fish from the depths right away.

Nauru Game fishing competition is a tradition in the Independence national day celebrations, with new records being set every year for the biggest catch, the most variety catch and most fish caught. The central pacific tropical climate is virtually constant all year round and rarely affects deep blue fish migratory behavior and thus its game whenever you head out. If not, the Nauru Fisheries Authority have ensured FADs (fish aggregating devices) to always have a big fish lurking nearby waiting for the predator.

The best times of the year to come to Nauru for a true reel-game fishing experience is in late January to late November! The Game fishing tour services allows you to release or barbecue your fish as options. But it is recommended that you make a meal of your catch to discover what they say about the taste of Nauru’s fish. If you are seeking the thrill of the game, then get rocking and reeling for the biggest catch of your life on Nauru’s Deep Blue.