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Anabar Frigate bird catching (skills competition)

The Frigate bird catching is a traditional sport, one of the few rare traditions that still defines Nauru. It is fascination to see how a big bird is caught and brought in by a string launched with skill and fineness of a weight attached to the end of the string.

Noddy bird hunting (luring and catching)

Noddy bird catching is a night activity solely for special occasion delicacy. Some tourists are making arrangements with this night activity to witness how the birds are lured in with a variety of bird calls.

Pinnacle rock maze hiking

Anabar district in Nauru has a cluster of high coral rocks that is an adventure to hike through. Even the locals love to discover caves and isolated water ponds during the hike.

Phosphate mines tour

Learn all about the mining process and see for yourself the magnitude of the devastation the phosphate mining has left on over two thirds of the island. Secondary mining and Rehabilitation process of the land has now begun on Nauru.

Scuba Diving

Discover what keeps Nauru from sinking beneath the deep blue. A steep drop to over 300feet is just a few meters out beyond the reef. The bottom floor of the ocean still has secrets undiscovered

Game Fishing

Just two minutes out in the ocean and you are in the deep blue. Equatorial Game Fishing offer services up to 4 persons per boat with excellent equipment and refreshments on board.

Makwa Water Cave

The Makwa water Cave is a mystery, you don’t swim in too far because once the tide comes you might be lost or get drowned. And if you don’t drown you might suffer hyperthermia as the water is unnaturally cold for a tropical climate.