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Kiribati is open to attracting small to medium scale cruises such as Adventure Cruises, Expedition cruises and Ocean Cruises who would like to explore our islands, our culture, our marine life and enjoy our shore excursion activities.

Kiritimati Island (Line Islands), Fanning Island (Line Islands), Butaritari Island (Gilbert Islands) and Kanton (Phoenix Islands Protected Area) are popular cruise ship destination stops where passengers get to enjoy shore excursion activities – getting glimpse of the Kiribati people & the cultural entertainment, buy souvenirs, sightseeing tours, sunbathe on pristine white beaches, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling and game fly-fishing are the popular activities passengers will get to engage in.

For Cruising in Kiribati, the Shipping Agencies of Kiribati (SAOK) is the agent who continues to work with International Cruise Lines like: Norwegian Cruise Liners (NCL), America Holland, and Princess Cruises, along with Navy Ships visiting Kiribati.  SAOK is also a proud leading shipping agency in Kiribati who currently works with major Shipping Lines such as China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo), and the Shipping Lines that are trading under it. These include Swire Shipping Lines, Bali Hai Shipping, JSP, Kyowa Shipping Lines and NYK Cruise Liners.  With more than 20 years of professional experience SAOK still continues to offer its support and services to Cruise and Shipping Lines that have interest in cruising to Kiribati waters and its islands.  SAOK agency offers the following services to cruise ships: Cruising logistics assistance; Arranging of timely vessel clearance with Authorities and organizing of shore excursion activities.

For more information Contact:

Shipping Agencies of Kiribati (SAOK)
Mr. Tekaai Mikaere – Owner & Managing Director
P.O Box 402, Betio, Tarawa, Rep. of Kiribati
T: (686) 72026430 or 72026472