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Angam Day

Did you know that Nauru has labeled October 26th as ‘Angam Day’ which means ‚Äòfulfillment’ to commemorate the day their population reached 1500 Nauruans?
Angam day is a national public holiday and the people come together to compete in traditional games, sports and feast within their own communities. It is a fun time to visit each community and participate in their programs.

Nauru Independent Day

Did you know that Nauru was one of the first island in the pacific region to achieve independence, even before Fiji and Papua New Guinea?
A flag raising ceremony by the guard of honor, A float parade march by local organizations, NGO’s and Schools.

Nauru Constitution Day

Celebration is marked each year with a National Athletics Championship between the five regions of the island. Two weekends of athletics competitions in distant track races, jumps and throws are held prior to the final and major events on May 17th Nauru Constitution Day.

Nauru AFL Grand Final

A favourite sport for all locals.

Nauru Olymic Day Run

Each year in July the event is just getting bigger and bigger. Half of the main road around the island is closed off for this event. And now there is a minimum total cash prize of $2000 to the person who breaks the national record, and this amount is increasing each year.