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Location: between 4° and 19° North latitude and 160° and 175° East longitude.

Capital: Majuro Atoll

Land Area: 70 square miles (171 square kilometers)

Political Status: self-governing democracy in free association with the U.S.

Official Language: Marshallese/English

Currency: U.S. dollar

Total Population: 53,158 (2011 Census)

Time Zone: the Marshall Islands are 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Medical Facilities: Majuro has two private clinics and one public hospital. Most outer islands have medical dispensaries.

Communications: satellite, telex, telephone, cable, facsimile and electronic mail are available on Majuro. Communications with outer islands by radio. Kili Island and Jaluit, Rongelap, Wotje, Likiep, and Bikini atolls have cell phone/satellite phone/fax systems available.

Postal Service: the Marshalls use the U.S. postal service and have two post offices on Majuro and one on Ebeye.

Banks:  Bank of Marshall Islands – Majuro Branch 625-3636 Ebeye Branch 329-3606, Kwajalein/Roi-Namur Branch (692)329-5606/ (808) 355-4705 and Bank of Guam – Majuro Branch 625-3322 Ebeye Branch 329-3023.

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted by most major businesses.

Dress/attire: island style/casual. Cool, loose fitting clothes accepted in most places. Sunscreen recommended. Swimsuits, short shorts and mini skirts should not be worn in urban areas.

Tipping: optional.