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There are two Hotels that are ready to receive visitors all year round.

Meneng Hotel:

The Meneng Hotel takes great pride and pleasure in providing its guests with luxurious accommodation and high class facilities combined with the warm, friendly pleasant island hospitality. Enjoy fine dining services of continental and local seafood delicacies at the Anibare Restaurant and a selection of exotic drinks at the Reef Bar.

Odn Aiwo Hotel


Australian dollar is used. Visa Credit Cards, American express are accepted at the Meneng Hotel.


240volts Australia Standard

Communication & Internet:

Digicel Services for private telecommunications services, 30cents per minute. Digicel GSM data services $2 for 24hrs at 50mb. Other data packages available.

CenPac Internet Cafe opens from 9am – 11pm. $2 per hour

Duty Free:

Visitors electronic and personal items are tax free on arrival. Chinese shops sell various items at a very good price compared to Australia’s made in china products.


Public dress code is free, modern. Walking around in scanty bathing suits is not encouraged.

Getting There:

Our Airline is the only passenger jet flying in and out of Nauru. Our Airline flies to Nauru directly from Brisbane in less than 5 hours once a week.


All visitors are expected to be healthy on arrival and should already be vaccinated against Hepatitis. No medical examinations are required for tourist visas.


Nauruan is widely used, imbedded with few German words and is now evolving with new slangs and English words.

English is the official language in business and government, it is understood nation wide and is spoken where necessary


Standard time +1200 hours UTC


Tropical climate all year round


Tipping is not encouraged on Nauru.


No bus public transportation service on the island except on special requests and bus bookings.

There are no taxi services on the island

Car/Motorbike/Bicycle rentals are available, and can be arrange with accommodation services.

Visa & Immigration:

To travel to Nauru you must have a valid passport at least 3 months beyond the date of intended stay.

Visa exemption up to 30 days stay for Taiwan passports, Kiribati, Marshal and Tuvalu passports

A Tourist visa is issued on arrival free of charge particularly to citizens of Commonwealth member countries, especially if they have sufficient funds to stay and hold the following documents:
-onward return tickets
-confirmed accommodation with local services
-valid documents for next destination

Visitor Information:

Nauru Tourism Office
Meneng Hotel front desk
Odn Aiwo information desk