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Accommodations are available to suit every budget and need, from comfortable hotels and resorts to budget and back-packers lodges.


Papua New Guinea’s unit of currency is the Kina which is divided into 100 toea. Money can be exchanged at Jackson’s Airport or in banks. Westpac, ANZ and other BSP branches are located in all the main centers.
Hotels, restaurants, shops, rental car companies, cruise operators and travel agents accept Travelers cheques and most major credit cards including Amex, Diners, Master Card and Visa Card. All transactions within hotels, restaurants and bars are subject to 10% tax that is included in published prices.


Electricity supply is 240 volts AC 50Hz using Australian style plugs. 110 volt outlets for shavers and hair dryers are also available.

Communication & Internet

Papua New Guinea has modern satellite communications. ISD and STD dialing are available in most parts of the country. Telex and Facsimile services are also available except in very remote areas where high frequency radios are in use. A GSM cell phone network is available in Port Moresby, Lae, Madang and Mt Hagen.

Duty Free

Adults over 18 have a general allowance of new goods to the value of K250 and are allowed duty free: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 2 liters of alcohol (approx. 67 oz), and a reasonable amount of perfume. Food items, seeds, spices, live or dry plants, animals and animal products need special import approval.


Dress on the island is informal and casual with shorts and open neck shirts worn throughout the year along with traditional items of apparel such as ramis, sulus, laplaps, and kolos. Swim ware, sneakers, and flip-flops are not allowed in some bars and restaurants. In the Highlands, sturdy walking shoes are recommended, as is a sweater or jacket for cool evenings. Female dress should always be modest.

Getting There

Visitors from the United Stated reach Papua New Guinea through Australia. Air Niugini ( ) and Qantas ( ) offer services to Papua New Guinea from Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane. Virgin ( ) also offer services from Brisbane to Port Moresby.


Dentists, doctors, and hospital services are available in all major centers. Medical clinics and aid posts are found in remote areas.
Malaria is the only serious health risk. Visitors are strongly advised to consult their doctor or tropical disease clinic to commence anti-malarial preparations before arrival.


There are more than 800 distinct languages. Melanesian Pidgin and Hiri Motu are the two most widely used, but English is the official language in education, businesses, and government circles.


Visitors to the country are guests and hospitality is an honor in Melanesian culture. Tips are neither expected nor encouraged.


Papua New Guinea is 11 hours ahead of Greenwich Time (UTC/GMT), which means that its 19 hours later in Papua New Guinea than in California. There is no daylight savings time.


Papua New Guinea boasts a warm to hot and humid climate throughout the year. Temperatures average 30°C – 34°C. Each province experiences a rainy season, in the summer months, which varies from province to province. The country is at its driest from May to November. Watch out for sunburn during your Papua New Guinea holiday, even on overcast days, and particularly in the Highlands.


Papua New Guinea relies on air transport probably more than any other country in the world with its rugged terrain extending from its coastal areas to its highlands. Air Niugini runs domestic flights to the provinces. There are other smaller airlines serving the more remote parts of the country.
A good network of roads connects the Northern zone and the Highlands region. There are drivers for hire and rental cars, local boats and ferries, taxis in larger towns, plus local buses. There is no road link between the northern zone and the capital, Port Moresby, because of the rugged nature of the terrain.

Visa & Immigration

A 60-day Tourist Visa is available on arrival in Port Moresby at a fee of K100. To obtain a visa before visitors enter the country costs K75. Visitors will need travel documents, sufficient funds for your stay in the country and airline ticket with confirmed outbound flights before expiry date of your Visa.
A K30 fee is payable by all departing international passengers at the Duty Free Shop located on level 1 of the International Terminal.

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