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Welcome to the specialist fishing tourism section dedicated to travel agents wanting to offer information and fishing experiences to anglers who are planning a trip to Pacific Island countries.

Fishing tourism is defined as tourists who travel for the purpose of sports fishing.  There are two groups of fishing tourists.  The first group are those who will take a half day or full day out to fish during their holidays and the second group are avid anglers whose main purpose of travel is to fish.  For fishing tourists 3 things matter more than anything else.

1)    The type of fishing.  Marine (saltwater) or Freshwater and Game fishing, fly fishing or other casting methods.

2)    Species.  This is a close second.  Fishing tourists will travel to locations across the globe in search of different  species of fish.

3)    Season.  Prevailing sea conditions, migratory patterns of fish species and other climatic conditions can influence when fishing tourists travel.

Also of importance in fishing tourism is having access to good equipment, boats and knowledgeable skippers and guides.  Pacific Islands countries offer a range of fishing holiday experiences.

To make it easier for you to navigate this section, we have divided the information into the following sections:

1. Fishing Profiles:

  • What defines a fishing tourist and where they come from.

2. Fishing Tourism Experiences:

  • The specifics of fishing tourism in the global arena.
  • Fishing tourism accommodation, transport and attributes.
  • The opportunities and/or issues surrounding their promotion and sale.

3. Fishing tourism in Pacific Island countries:

  • Where the best places are in Pacific Island countries to fish.
  • What is particularly special about each destination.

4. The Fishing tourism Quiz:

  • The chapter ends with a set of 20 multiple choice questions of which 10 need to be answered correctly to qualify as a South Pacific Fishing tourism Specialist.