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Marshall Islands offers the best handicrafts in the Pacific. Marshall Islands weavers weave the best baskets in the Pacific and it is easily find valuable handicrafts in the Majuro shopping.

Gifts and Souvenir Shopping

For a unique souvenir from the islands, we recommend visiting some of our handicraft shops. One visit and you will know why Marshallese crafts are renowned for their originality and fine artistic quality. Our mats, hats, model canoes, stick charts, baskets, and necklaces are all hand-made, of high quality and totally natural.


Since 1983, the Marshalls Billfish Club has been the biggest proponent of sport fishing in the Marshalls and Micronesia, organizing more than 140 sportsfishing tournaments. Currently, the Club holds an average of 10 tournaments a year, the largest tournaments being the Annual National Fisherman’s Day Tournament held during the first week of July and the Mobil All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament held in August. These annual tournaments include two days of fishing and have participants from many neighboring Pacific Island countries.