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Did you know the best times to be in Nauru?
Mark them on your Calendar now!!

Angam Day – October 26
Constitution Day – May 17
Independence Day – January 31
Olympic Day Run – July

Nauru is the 1st to gain independence in the Pacific after Samoa and paved the way for most pacific island countries towards independence. She was also labeled as ‘the little mouse that roared’ in the pacific.

Nauru is still the top country in the pacific region, at the ‘All-time Commonwealth Games medal table’ totaling ten Gold.
It means a whole more in terms of per-capita!

Nauru was the first country in the pacific to own a jet fleet, which helped forge strong partnerships in pacific region, connecting the islands and linking us to the rest of the world.

Nauru is also the first in the pacific to experience extreme economic decline losing all her wealth.