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Papua New Guinea is full of interesting attractions, magnificent natural scenery, and diverse cultural heritage. Most activities and attractions revolve around the natural beauty and the uniquely diverse culture.

The country has a lot to offer and most activities and attractions revolve around the natural beauty and the uniquely diverse culture. Papua New Guinea offers an extensive network of remote jungle trekking trails, tranquil river cruises on the country’s waterways, exciting white water rafting and surfing, fishing, and a famous underwater world. The country is home to some of the worlds most spectacular diving. Known as an “underwater photographer’s paradise,” it has twice as many species as the waters of the Red Sea, and up to five times as many as the Caribbean.

The country’s pristine rainforest is home to many rare species of birds and insects, including the world’s largest butterfly, the Queen Alexandra Birdwing, whose wingspan reaches up to 1 foot. The country is also famous for its brilliantly colored birds of paradise. Some of the best places to enjoy these natural beauties are Port Moresby Nature Park and Rainforest Habitat in the Morobe Province.

A visit to Papua New Guinea is also a trip back in time. Age-old extremely diverse cultural traditions are still parts of the every day life throughout the country. The different traditions are kept alive in elaborate rituals involving feasts, marriages, compensation ceremonies, and initiation rites. Cultural heritage is celebrated at the annual Sing Sing shows, where villagers from around the country demonstrate their singing, dancing, and elaborate bilas (traditional costumes).

Accommodations are available to suit every budget and need, from comfortable hotels resorts to budget and back-packers style lodges.

Visitors from the United Stated reach Papua New Guinea through Australia. Air Niugini ( and Qantas ( offer services to Papua New Guinea from Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane. Virgin ( also fly out of Brisbane to the capital Port Moresby.