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The Solomon Islands are new and developing tourism destination. The islands are an eco-tourism paradise, unspoiled, unhurried, and totally unforgettable. Soaring mist shrouded mountains preside above dense, abundant rainforest; waterfalls and rivers cascade to an intricate coastline. The villages and sun soaked golden beached fringed with coconut palms lie scattered around lazy lagoons. The setting for some of World War II’s fiercest and bloodiest battles is today home to one of the most natural and peaceful places in the South Pacific. The people of the Solomon Islands welcome tourists from the heart and guests are always fascinated by the unspoiled and unhurried environment the Solomon Islands provide.

Diving is one of the major attractions in the Solomon Islands and reefs and wrecks in the Western parts of the nation have been rated by divers as one some of the best dive locations in the world. There’s diverse marine and coral life as well as World War II wreckages.

The Solomon Islands are truly the melting pot of the Pacific. Its people are a combination of Oceania’s three main cultural groups of Melanesians, Polynesians, and Micronesians. Rare arts and crafts, traditional practices, colorful costumes, age-old customs, rituals and taboos, they still endure in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands accommodation includes hotels, resorts, budget backpacker lodges, and village guesthouses. The three major hotels in the capital Honiara are comfortable 3-star properties and other provinces, such as Western and Guadalcanal Provinces, offer resorts to suit adventure and leisure seekers. Village guest lodges are built from traditional sago-palm bungalows; a truly unique Solomon Islands experience.

Another option is the Live-a-Board dive boat, Bilikiki Cruises,that offer full accommodations and diving.

International flights are serviced by Solomon Airlines, Air Pacific, Air Niugini, and Air Vanuatu with direct flights to Brisbane (Australia), Nadi (Fiji), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Port Vila, Espirito Santo (Vanuatu).