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Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is one of the most unique places in the world to visit, made up of 29 coral atolls and 5 single islands spread out over an exclusive economic zone of nearly 1 milliion square miles (one of the largest in the Pacific). The Marshall Islands is one of only 4 atoll nations in the world and is also one of the worlds youngest nations, independent since 1986. Marshall Islands was once a US Territory until 1986, when it became independent, most of the western practices still carried till today. The Education system was  and is basically a Western system, where the school calendars and the curriculum are under the Western System. The education system is beginning to mold the Marshallese ways, the value of the culture into the curriculum. The involvement of the Marshall Islands with the Forum Countries, and set us another milestone to bring us together to make us realize the importance of Pacific countries for Pacific People.

As the capitol of the Marshall Islands, Majuro houses the central government, most of the country businesses and an estimated 50% of the country s population. Indeed, this is the country’s most developed and urban atoll. Majuro offers visitors a glimpse of what the rest of the country s like.

Marshallese people are known for the generosity and hospitality in the Pacific. Because of the small islands, people are very close to each other, and family values are still very high priorities among families. Living together as extended families is still practice in the islands. Marshallese are also very religious people, and they value Sundays as time to rest and worship God. Protestants and Catholics are the dominating church in the country.


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