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Nauru, a rarely visited island. Located in the Central Pacific, Pleasant, serene and beautiful against the contrast of its economic extremes. Nauru is currently most fitted for the adventurous type of visitor.
Nauru is accessible only via Our Airline from Brisbane, Fiji and Kiribati flight routes once a week. The Tourism infrastructure caters for all basic needs for visitors.

There are two prominent hotels and two other private accommodation services, one ATM service to cater for most credit/debit cards. Communications and the internet are serviced by Digicel.
The basic attractions for Nauru:

  • Game Fishing (2 minutes out)
  • Phosphate mines (The sites and history)
  • Nauru and is a must see/visit place (for travelers)
  • Culture, Arts and Crafts

Currently there are few service providers on Nauru. Tour arrangements are available with the accommodation services.
Meneng Hotel Tours

  • Game fishing tours,
  • Phosphate mines tour,
  • World War relics tours,
  • Diving tours
  • Car Hires

Contact Details for the Visitor Information sources.

Meneng Hotel Nauru,
Odn Aiwo Hotel
Other Accommodations services
Our Airline
Fishing tour (Equatorial fishing)
NRC Public relations Office