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#1 Much Closer Than You Think

New Caledonia is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s closest Pacific neighbours –  at only 2 hours 20 mins from Brisbane, 3 hours from Sydney and 3 hours 20 mins from Melbourne.

#2 Unique Culture

New Caledonia has a blend of French and Pacific cultures which co-exist to make the destination so unique.

#3 Island Hopping

The Loyalty Islands and the spectacular Isle of Pines are a beach lover’s paradise. Unpopulated, their fine white sands are only matched by their crystal clear transparent waters

#4 French Immersion

New Caledonia offers a unique French immersion experience so close to home! Starting with the language and extending to delicious, sophisticated French food, wines & champagnes and the many boutiques in Noumea.

#5 Beachside Activities

New Caledonia’s pristine beaches have an abundance of recreational activities –swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling in crystal clear waters or water sport activities like diving and wind surfing.

#6 Resort Relaxation

New Caledonia is all about resort-style relaxation, with a range of accommodation options, from hotels and self-contained apartments to hostels and homestays.

#7 Diverse Landscapes

New Caledonia is located within the world’s largest and most beautiful lagoon. Discover the colourful underwater world and rich marine life by diving and snorkelling around the rich coral gardens of this world heritage site.

#8 Urban Experiences

From the bustling atmosphere of the Port Moselle markets to sophisticated French boutiques, classic colonial architecture to the unique Kanak culture, Noumea abounds with things to do and beautiful places to visit .

#9 Gourmet Paradise

The best food & beverage experience in the South Pacific with over 200 restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in Nouméa alone mixing French and Pacific flavours.

#10 Exciting nightlife

New Caledonia offers exceptional nightlife with a good selection of bars and clubs all within walking distance from the Nouméa accommodation strip.