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Most of the night clubs and bars are located in the capital South Tarawa.

Pubs South Tarawa such as the Amazing Pub, Beer & Bullshit Bar (Betio Lodge II), DJ Marina, The George Hotel, Lagoon Club and Runways End Pub (aka Kaitibo’s) are popular undwinding spots for visitors, expats and locals.  Visitors and expats also can entertain themselves at the game fishing weigh in tournaments which are hosted at the Betio Lodge II every month.   On Kiritimati Island, there are one or two nightclubs on the island however the hotels (fishing lodges) have their own bars where visitors can unwind and experience some local entertainment.  Kava drinking throughout the islands of Kiribati has become a very popular activity and entertainment among the locals. At the kava bars you can drink kava with the locals, relax, listen to local live music, participate in karaoke singing and make conversation.