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Leipajid handicraft shop across assumption school 625-6880

Mwejo capelle’s handicraft shop next to assumption school 455-2264

Lucky star club airport 528-8821

Elefa handicraft shop across from majuro bowl or airport 625-5455/455-0272

Am amimono and handicraft shop momotaro store 625-3334

Busy hands club assumption school 625-7440

Tourist trap below flame tree, airport 625-8198

Frank K’s handicrafts mir lobby or delap back road625-6161

Happy hands handicraft shop uliga across from hotel robert reimers 625-0052

The 3 sisters downtown backroad next to micronitor 625-7335

You can also find marshall islands t-shirts, books, collectors’ stamps and post cards and not to mention ‚Äúnin‚Äù (noni) juice, arno oils, tobolar products, tuna jerky and more at various locations around majuro. stop by any of the following to purchase these items: Marshall Islands resort, Midtown shop, Payless, alele museum, post offices and marshall islands  tours, and others.


Basically Marshall Islands local food are fish, breadfruit, pandanus, banana, and coconuts.