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Papua New Guinea has modern department stores and craft outlets selling toiletries, clothing and souvenirs. Artifacts and handicrafts can also be purchased from individual artists and villagers. The Faculty of Creative Arts is also an excellent source for paintings and pottery.

Papua New Guinea’s art forms are as diverse as the cultural landscape.
In a country where language varies from village to village, artistic expressions vary dramatically. Among the most popular crafts are pottery, weapons, masks, carvings, basketwork, and musical instruments.


The traditional cuisine of Papua New Guinea is based on root crops such as taro, kaukau and yams, sago as well as pig (cooked in the earth at traditional feasts). Mumu, a popular traditional dish is a combination of roast pork, sweet potatoes, rice, and greens. The local cuisine also includes fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, pineapples, pawpaws, mangoes, passion fruit, and bananas. Western cuisine is available in hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, lodges and village resorts. Port Moresby has many Asian and European restaurants.

The nightlife of Papua New Guinea is usually very quiet, but Port Moresby and other larger settlements offer some entertainment. Major hotels provide their own entertainment.