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Fiji shops and markets offer unique cultural, historical artifacts & handicrafts and has some sophisticated retail outlets suitable for tourists & residents shopping. Shopping is fun and educational in the major cities, towns and resorts where there is an array of retail choices from affordable fashion to souvenirs and local crafts to designer brand merchandise. Some village markets also sell handicrafts such as Fijian inspired designer T-shirts, carved tanoa bowls from which the national drink yaqona (kava) is mixed and served, Fijian replica war clubs, “cannibal forks,” and Fijian combs. Handicraft such as woven baskets and mats, masi (tapa cloth), carved wood animals, and pottery items are best sellers. And, for international fashion buffs, the ubiquitous sulu for men and women is Fiji’s all-purpose, one-size-fits-all garment. Women wear them 100 different ways from a beachside wrap to an evening dress while men in business and government wear them as a day skirt.


Dining in Fiji offers a multiethnic culinary experience. Whether dining at a hotel, island resort, or “in town”, visitors will find a palate painted by flavors from India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy and the best of Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific waters.

Restaurants offer a great variety, from five-star international to 24-hour air-conditioned coffee shops. Traditional Fijian dishes, steaks, and local seafood can be found in many restaurants. One of the most popular traditional Fijian dishes is Kokoda in which fresh fish or lobster is marinated in lime juice, coconut cream with a hint of chili. Tropical fruits are abundant and delicious. Succullent pineapple, mouth watering watermelons, kavika and mango, passionfruit and guavas are great delights. Also an integral part of the cuisine is palusami, corned beef or without, chopped onions wrapped in taro (dalo) leaves and cooked in coconut cream (lolo).

Most hotels and resorts also offer specific culinary themed nights, magiti (Fijian feasts), beach or poolside BBQs, as well as Fiji’s best known and pervasive outdoor cooking experience-the lovo. A lovo is an underground oven of heated rocks where a variety of foods wrapped in banana leaves are cooked and has that sensational aroma & taste.