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Whales and Dolphins

Humpback whale encounters set Niue apart from almost everywhere else. The massive marine mammals often pass within feet of the shore, which makes Niue one of the rare places on earth where visitors can watch the stunning beauty of these creatures from a bar chair while sipping a drink. Even a very close encounter in the water is an option: Keen snorkler, and swimmers are allowed to swim up the whales within about a 100 feet of the giants.
The main area for Humpback whale encounters are the bays of Avatele and Tamakautoga. The best time to see the whales is between June and October.

The size of an adult Humpback whale usually ranges between 40 and 50 ft. They weigh approximately 36 tons and females, on average, are larger than males. It is well known for its breaching (leaping out of the water), its unusually long front fins, and its complex whale song.

Dolphins also inhabit the waters around Niue, offering the opportunity to swim with these completely wild creatures.