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Tuvalu is one of the smallest and most secluded destination in the world and a perfect place for travelers searching for seclusion and tranquility. It is an unspoiled corner of the South Pacific, which offers an a peaceful, non-commercialized environment that is ideal for rest and relaxation. With a maximum of 13 feet above sea level, the islands provide the classic image of blue sea and sky, white breakers along the fringing reefs, sand and swaying palms. Within the lagoons, the contrast between the colors of deep and shallow water and the beach is especially dramatic, creating a unique South Seas ambience. Please let us walk you through the Tuvalu learning chapter.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we have divided the information into the following sections:

  1. The Highlights:
  2. Attractions & Activities
  3. Culture & Events
  4. Nature & Geography
  5. Shopping & Food
  6. Fast Facts (how to get there, money, heath etc.)
  7. Tuvalu Legends
  8. Tuvalu Product Contact Details (PDF Download)
  9. The Test: The chapter ends in a set of 10 multiple choice questions that need to be successfully completed.

Along the way you will find references to the South Pacific Tourism Organization website, the Tuvalu website, and other links. They are vital sources of information about the region.

Visitor Information National Tourism Office Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning & Industries Private Mail Bag, Vaiaku, Funafuti, Tuvalu Tel: (688) 20 184 or 20 408 Fax: (688) 20 829 E-mail: Website: