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The happiest place on the planet is the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, according to a recent British study by the “New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth” environmentalist group. Vanuatu finished first on the happiest index out of 178 countries because its people are satisfied with their lives, live to nearly 70, and do little damage to the planet.

Vanuatu – “The land that time forgot but you will never forget,” not only makes its people happy, it also captivates its visitors and brings to mind a vision of timeless tranquility. Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, friendliness and hospitality, stunning beaches, and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes to pristine underwater environments. Here visitors are still able to experience and visit traditional villages and see how the Vanuatu people have been living for several generations, seemingly unaffected by modern technology.

Please let us walk you through the Vanuatu learning chapter. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have divided the information into the following sections:

  1. The Highlights:
  2. Attractions & Activities
  3. Culture & Events
  4. Nature & Geography
  5. Shopping & Food
  6. Diving
  7. Fast Facts (how to get there, money, health etc.)
  8. Vanuatu Product Contact Details (PDF Download)
  9. The Test: The chapter ends in a set of 10 multiple choice questions that need to be successfully completed.

Along the way you will find references to the South Pacific Tourism Organization website, the Vanuatu Tourism Office website, and other links. They are vital sources of information about the region.

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