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Welcome to the specialist weddings and honeymoon section dedicated to travel agents wanting to offer information and experiences to wedding and honeymooners who are planning a trip to the South Pacific.  Weddings and honeymoons have distinct profiles and as such are addressed separately all along.

Wedding tourism market includes a couple who hold their wedding event (marriage or commitment ceremony) overseas.  The wedding event may also include close family and other relatives, friends and their families.

Honeymoon tourism is derived from couples whose main reason for travelling is to celebrate their marriage with an overseas honeymoon.

Tourists who seek out weddings and honeymoon travel to Pacific Island countries are often dreaming of destinations that deliver the classic swaying palms and powdery white sandy beaches where they can mark their special.  Increasingly, wedding and honeymoon tourists are also seeking enriching experiences thorough cultural exchanges and getting in touch with nature; all of which are delivered in abundance in Pacific Islands countries

For Pacific Islands countries, wedding and honeymoon tourism often brings in people who will generally spend more money at the destination when compared to other segments; mainly on food and beverage and on tours and activities.

To make it easier for you to navigate this section, we have divided the information into the following sections:

1. Wedding and Honeymoon Profiles:

  • What defines a wedding and/or honeymoon traveler and where they come from?

2. Wedding and Honeymoon Experiences:

  • The specifics of weddings and honeymooners across the globe.
  • Weddings and honeymoon accommodation, transport and activities.
  • Wedding requirements
  • The opportunities and/or issues surrounding their promotion and sale.

3. Weddings and Honeymoon in the Pacific Islands countries:

  • Where the best places are in Pacific Islands countries for weddings and honeymoons.
  • What is particularly special about each destination?

4. The Weddings and Honeymoon Quiz:

  • The chapter ends with a set of 20 multiple choice questions of which 15 need to be answered correctly to qualify as a Pacific Island countries Weddings and Honeymoon Specialist.